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Meeting Geetaji

I first met Geetaji in Pune, August 2017, when she was not in good health and mostly resting in her room. Each day on the way to class I was hoping to simply catch a glimpse of her through the window. Yet one day, having heard that I’d become tearful during the medical class, she invited me into her room.

I sat beside the bed commenting that I’d once needed the same equipment she had; a walking frame, stick and wheelchair. She expressed surprise and wanted to know the details of my accident. 

Romi Rolbin teaches Iyengar yoga Dipika
Romi Rolbin teaches Iyengar yoga Dipika

Even while in pain she demonstrated such care and sensitivity. Not for one moment did she cease to feel responsible for and committed to Iyengar Yoga students. She would observe from her bedroom window and receive reports from the teachers.

 In my case, she wanted to know the symptoms I suffered, the medical diagnosis and therapies prescribed. Geetaji wanted details of my practice, state of health and the approach taken by my teachers. She remembered me from the previous year but confessed to being deceived by how well I looked. It was a long, intimate conversation in the informal surroundings of her bedroom. Little did she se

em aware that receiving advice directly from her is the dream of every Iyengar student. Her modesty and attentiveness were extremely touching. Ultimately it was my choice, she said, whether to accept advice from teachers of her age and experience. The very next day I received help and adjustments from teachers as well as a handwritten sequence from Geetaji. 

The following year I was delighted to see Geetaji improved and making a return to teaching with all her might. I recall her expressing regret that senior teachers did not know the names of the poses. Within me arose the idea of publishing, inspired by Light On Yoga, the type of cards that had helped me. Overcoming many reservations I  approached Geetaji on the subject. The personal note she sent overwhelmed me; I had permission to begin work.

The unique yoga cards based on the book "Light on Yoga" by: BKS Iyengar and the most important authority in the world for yoga. Can be purchased in our online store. Or right here by clicking on the product.


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