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Based on  Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar.

"This set of cards is indeed praiseworthy and I am sure it will be well received by lovers and followers

of Iyengar yoga and Light on Yoga". Prashant S. Iyengar.

 For self-practice, study, and sequencing Quick reference to Light on Yoga Sanskrit names with iconic illustrations

 The box contains  the entire 200 yoga poses from "Light on Yoga" by B.K.S Iyengar and 10 additional poses

from "Yoga a Gem for Women" by Geeta S. Iyengar. ​The cards are divided to 11 essential asana classifications.

The Dipika Yoga Cards are an invaluable aid for memorizing āsana and viewing sequences clearly

both for self-practice and class participation. Knowledge of the āsana names is an integral part of Iyengar yoga.

It is essential for teachers and enables full participation of students. In general, knowing the meaning and

origin of an āsana name enriches the experience of practicing yoga.


By using Dipika Yoga Cards, the names can quickly be committed to memory and improve understanding

of how the poses interlink. They could be used for developing a skillful personal practice or a lesson plan.

The cards may also be used to view the evolution of a single pose as a course advances.

Selecting cards of the same color and close plate numbers enables the viewer to see the vital preparation

needed before a final pose. This helps gain an understanding of why some poses are classified

in groups that may seem unrelated.

Selecting cards from the range of classifications in the advised order enables the building of a suitable sequence.

The importance of correct sequencing is not to be underestimated. It applies to any process

of transformation within the practitioner, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

The cards can be used for memory games, self-testing and a quick reference for further inquiry in

“Light On Yoga” or “Yoga A Gem For Women”.


Israel: 7-10 business days with a courier - Outside  Israel: up to 3 weeks.

Although we use small simple packaging, your order may be detained by your local customs or delayed by

destination post office or other shipping providers. In some countries importing taxes may be charged

and in some VAT / TVA charges may be charged.

DIPIKA IYENGAR YOGA is not responsible for any delays including without excluding due to destination customs clearance processes, delays caused by couriers and postal services etc. Nor will DIPIKA IYENGAR YOGA reimburse you for any importing customs and / or VAT and /or any other charges imposed on you by destination customs, or other governing bodies or services. In the case of failure to deliver a package in the event of an uncollected package, the shipping provider usually returns the item back to DIPIKA IYENGAR YOGA within 2 month or the original shipping time.

DIPIKA IYENGAR YOGA may charge you with additional shipment and service costs if you will

ask that those items will be shipped to you again.

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